We wanted to keep the feel of a shop focussed on handcrafted workmanship. Today our goal is to interpret the needs, thoughts and decorating ideas of architects and interior designers, from the most eclectic trends to the more traditional approaches, ensuring that each decorative element is not only unique but masterfully crafted, all in in order to come up with the desired style. This is how we succeed in creating highly original projects for each and every client, whether the work involves private urban dwellings or farmhouses, exclusive hotels or luxury vessels, a market in which interior design plays an especially important role. And while our products are top-flight, our prices are always in lines with the needs of our clients and in keeping with the levels of quality offered. Our top-flight collections provide ideal decorative solutions for both residential and hospitality settings. Federico Paci srl creates elegant, welcoming lifestyles, combining the top fashions of today with timeless details.

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