In addition to our indoor collections, we have outdoor products created by the leading names in design, both Italian and international.
Each product line has its own history and distinctive look.
Attention to detail, originality and refined appearance are the key features to look for when choosing elegant, sophisticated collections.
The vision of a unique, harmonious space, whether inside a home or an outdoor setting, inspires decorative schemes that appear seem to expand and bring together both the outside and the inside, establishing a well-balanced interplay where nothing is cumbersome and everything is comfortable.
Our company can offer a full range of sunshades, umbrellas and bioclimatic blinds that make the most of both outdoor and indoor spaces while maximising outdoor liveability.

We sanitize your rooms thanks to ozone.
Thanks to its high oxidizing power we perform cleaning and sanitizing services for rooms with ozone treatments.
Ozone is indeed capable to degrade and eliminate any polluting or harmful element all in a few minutes, in a totally natural way without leaving unpleasant smells or stains.

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